I want to start the wheel rolling

I am a designer, and I want to leverage internet for my business, or, I provide service of customizing cars, or I am marriage planner or or or..but

I don’t know how exactly internet can be leveraged in a systematic. Umm, I have a facebook account and I have made a facebook page, and its being liked by 500 + plus friends in my list. But is it really working ? I don’t know.

What are we missing here ?

The part that we are missing here is a complete understanding of digital media. For a majority of us who have a core skill as a designer, or car customizer or a marriage planner, don’t have an exact idea of the lengths and the breadths of the digital world. A half filled information of internet media, makes them feel demotivated, after driving tiring, no gain only pain digital campaigns.

What are the after that ?

Internet is not for my business. I can make more business but traditional marketing methodologies and media use.

Where the gap ?

The gap is the understanding of the basic structure of any Enterprise or a business model

Core areas + non core areas

No wonder there are companies, “corporates”, who have competencies for social media a part of their enterprise, but we forget that majority of people coming online to leverage the power of inter-connecting are startups or small and medium size enterprise for whom, focusing on core services/ products is the key to providing high quality and deliverance.

What to do now ?

I need someone who says “ I am a digital marketing consultant for 7 years or we are company running digital campaigns for companies for last 10 years, hire us ! “

What is the catch ?

The right digital marketing unit for my business. Please read my next post to explore further

How the internet for businessmen started

o remember the traditional yellow pages books  that used to be a permanent place holder of our coffee tables in 90s. any information about any thing, look into yellow pages. To the point that if you have a business, having your name on some of the hot yellow pages was a mandate.

Then came the internet, but not going in detail as to how internet orginated from, businessmen around the world started adventing internet as an e-yellow pages. If you have business, it had become a mandate to have some kind of online presence, because internet was the new name of yellow pages in last 1 and half decade. No wonder the ease of search made possible with some popular search engines like Google, Yahoo made internet so popular that the early adopters at times used to call internet as Google , Yahoo, Altavista and so on.

The era of website and 2000 came and e commerce was the new baby in online town. Having a business, and having an online presence became must with a virtual face of the business, called web site. A set of world wide web, that would talk about you, your business.

2014, we have some 10 billon website worldwide and increasing at the rate of 12.2% yoy. New domains e.g .tech, .biz, .mob are adding up, making business ever virtual than before.

What is the challenge then ?

The challenge is to be a differentiator. 15 years back when having a website of your own business was a differentiating factor in itself, today, having a website and being lost in millions of websites talking about similar business model or services or products as you are offering.

What the next big change we want ?

Companies don’t just being “I am present online sir”. They want themselves to be more visible ever before.

What makes them think so?

Its web 2.0, it’s the facebook likes that you share, it’s the tweets that you follow, it’s the circles that you join. It’s the rich internet media that we been the part of, that makes it possible for us to be differentiate in this every growing universe of internet.

How can we do that ? Come online, the better and effective way !

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